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TEZKOM KOMPOZIT Technologies Industry and Trade Inc. It has been continuing its production activities since 2013 in its facilities established on a total area of ​​25.000m², with a closed area of ​​13.000m² in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone and serves its customers as one of the leading companies in the Composite sector.


TEZKOM KOMPOZİT produces Composite-based materials, one of the most important materials of the future, with Pultrusion, Open Molding, SMC and BMC techniques, Hand lay-up and Pressing technologies, and offers special solutions for the needs of the construction, chemistry, defense industry, food, agriculture, maritime, aviation and automotive industries. offers solutions. Our fully equipped laboratory, established on an area of ​​1,500 m², whose accreditation process was completed in 2017, is among the largest R&D investments in Turkey. Our TÜRKAK accredited laboratory leads the development of the sector by providing all necessary testing services from raw material analysis to final product analysis.


TEZKOM KOMPOZIT makes the most innovative investments for the technological equipment required by the industry. It continues to grow by reflecting the new technologies it has acquired to its employees through orientation processes. As a result of our technological investments, our company was among the 40 finalists in the 2014 SME and Entrepreneurship Awards, Young Entrepreneurs of the Year.


As the TEZKOM KOMPOZİT family, our primary goals are to produce on time, cost-effective and high quality with an educated, dynamic and professional employee profile; Customer satisfaction, production continuity and contributing to the country's economy are among our biggest goals.